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Thanksgiving Day WOD

By November 27, 2013No Comments

The following WOD will be done at 9am only.  If you are late, you risk not being assigned to a team.

This WOD will be done as a team and for time:

1000m Run as a team (If any part of the team finishes before the remainder of the team, that team member must hold a pushup plank until the rest of the team catches up)

At the end of the 1000m, the team will pick up its turkey (this may be a medball)
Once picked up, the turkey cannot touch the ground.
Once into the box, each team member will complete the follow:
15 Handstand Pushups (one team member at a time)
then . . .
2 Rounds:
40 Pushups
50 Air Squats
40 Burpees
then . . .
15 Pullups (one team member at a time)
One member of the each team must hold the turkey overhead while the remainder of the team works.  For the 2 Rounds portion, every team member not holding the turkey may work at the same time.  Once the person holding the turkey drops the turkey to his/her head or below, the turkey must move to another team member to be held while the remainder of the team works.  The turkey holder may also call “Switch” to move the turkey to another person.  Once the turkey drops to head level or below, and while the turkey is moving to a new person, the remainder of the team must stop moving.
Every team member must complete all designated reps of each movement before the team moves on to the next movement.  If one or more team member(s) finishes his/her designated reps before the rest of the team, he/she must hold a pushup blank or the turkey until the remainder of the team has completed his/her reps.  If the person holding the pushup plank fails, he/she must instantly take over holding the turkey.