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What is Mobility Training

Mobility training is the intentional movement that involves stretching and moving your body to allow the joints to reach full range of motion. This training allows for many benefits which will be listed and explained below. We will unpack what to expect when you make mobility training a consistent part of your fitness routine.

Injury Prevention

Using mobility training to combat injury prevention is a great way to stay motivated in your training. Mobility work is not the most exciting but if used in the correct way, there are a lot of benefits. If you’re able to perform movements in full range of motion, you will be able to move efficiently. This decreases the likelihood of injury. Mobility training also helps to repair imbalances that could potentially weaken the joint and muscles surrounding the area. When performing specific exercises, this can increase recovery times. Heavy lifting can result in muscle damage. This makes it imperative to prioritize mobility to decrease injury risk. 

Increased Strength

Next, we will unpack the strength benefits of mobility training. As your range of motion increases, strength will follow. This training will also help lengthen muscles to help move a load through space. Once you get efficient at a certain weight with the proper form and ROM, adding weight can be a great next step. When performing your exercises, make sure to stretch in multiple directions to continue to increase stability in the joint. 

Technique and Efficiency

Once mobility training has been a staple in your routine, your overall efficiency and technique will likely improve as well. Generally, mobility is  moving your own bodyweight through space. Sometimes it will require  equipment such as flex bands, pads, balls, etc. Perfecting your technique with little to no weight will translate well into weighted movements. Your body will begin to use muscle memory to perform movements while strength training. Remember to follow a mobility training plan just as you would for any other program. You can use this as an active recovery, pre-workout/warm-up or cool-down. All of these techniques of training will increase efficiency and overall technique.