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Recently, we talked about navigating your path to success with your goals.  HERE is a reminder.  Unfortunately, regardless of how much you plan and follow those steps, there is no guarantee that the path will be smooth.  You have to assume you will hit roadblocks.  There will be setbacks along the way. The more you try to grab tight and prevent these setbacks, the harder your path will be.  It may seem counterintuitive, but letting go of things you don’t control will make your path easier, even when your plans don’t go your way.  So, here are the next steps in navigating your path, the path to serenity.

1.  Remind Yourself What is in Your Control:  You have control over how you respond to any situation in your life.  You can accept your circumstances and look for the opportunity to grow and move forward.  Or, you can let the situation control you and turn you away from your goal. 

2.  Remind Yourself That it is Your Choice:  You have the ability to make choices using your core values, reason, and judgment.  This is the only thing that can never be completely taken away from you. 

3.  Accept That Your Fate is not Entirely Up To You:  The world is spinning.  Time is moving forward.  Things happen outside of your control.  You cannot stop life from happening. 

4.  Get to Sleep:  At the end of the day, surrender to sleep and prepare for tomorrow.  When we are sleep deprived our problems seems bigger than they really are.  Get to bed, get some sleep, you will crush it tomorrow.