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The Stronger Revolution: Overcoming Adversity

By January 10, 2020November 23rd, 2020No Comments

Anything that steps in the way of our goal progress is known as adversity.  Whether it is big or small, adversity provides us a chance to grow, learn, and develop as human beings.  It is why the process of goal achievement is so much more important than actually achieving the goal.  Anyone can pick achievable goals.  It’s called staying in your comfort zone.  I won’t ever write a book, but I am comfortable writing blog posts, even though my dream is to write a book. I won’t go to medial school because I might fail, but I will spend my time and money earning a different degree because it is easy and I can float along.  However, setting challenging goals means we may have hiccups along the way, and its how we respond to those hiccups that cause us to become better.

When you think of how you want to respond to adversity.  Think of driving through it.  You never want to turn around.  Even going around adversity still removes the learning experience.  But, push through it, taking it head on, that’s where the development happens.

For more information on overcoming adversity, and how to flip your mindset to actually welcome adversity into your life, check out the podcast associated with this post: