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Using a Coach for Accountability

Earlier this week, we started talking about the importance of having a coach in any area you want to excel. In that post, I talked about recently hiring a nutrition coach. But why? I’ve read countless books on diet and nutrition. I’ve weighed and measured by good (macros), counted blocks (zone), eliminated certain foods (paleo), and counted handfuls (Precision Nutrition). I even have a nutrition certification. So, why do I need a nutrition coach? One easy word: Accountability.

The Problem

In our industry, we hear all the time, “I know how to do ‘X,’ I just don’t do it.” For example, “I know how to eat healthy, I just don’t do it.” Or, “I know how to eat healthy, I just don’t take the time to do it.” I’m no different. Yes, I know how to eat healthy. I know how to form just about any diet out there. I could move from counting macros to intermittent fasting, and become a vegan all in a week if I wanted to. However, even the best of us still have hiccups. Additionally, those hiccups can become bad habits.

Enter the Coach

That’s where a coach comes in. It is easy to tell ourselves that it’s ok to relax every so often, or that it’s not a big deal. However, it is harder to tell someone else. We are easy on ourselves. We assume a coach won’t be. We let ourselves get away with a lot. The simple thought of having to make an excuse when we tell our coach has an amazing impact on keeping us moving forward.

Accountability is Priceless

The accountability that a coach brings to the table is priceless. When you are feeling unmotivated, or you lose sight of your goal, a good coach will be there to move you back on track. He or she will know whether you need tough love and or loving hand. Sure, you will get there eventually by yourself. But, why not get there faster with a coach leading the way?