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Wall Balls, Box Jumps, and more for 1/6/2016

The Industrial Athletics CrossFit WOD for 1/6/2016 has wall balls, box jumps, and burpees.  15 Minutes is on the “longer” side of our WOD’s but isn’t anything extreme.  Pick a fast pace in the beginning and try to stick with it.

Olympic Lifting returns today.  Offered on Wednesdays at 7:30pm, Fridays at 6:30pm, and Sundays at 11am, this class gives our members a chance to get a little extra work on Clean and Jerks and Snatches.  The classes come free with all weekly memberships (unlimited, 3 days a week, and couple’s).  From non members and punch card holders, the Olympic Lifting Class is $50.00/month.

CrossFit Alloy WOD for 1/6/2016:

10 Rounds
Alt Side Planks
20 Sec work
10 Sec rest

AMRAP 15 Min:
20 Wall Balls (20/14)(10/9)
15 Box Jumps (20/14)
10 Burpees

Shoulder Sequence on Pullups Rig

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7:30pm – Olympic Lifting with Greene Barbel Club

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  • Crimlaw says:


    Platinum: As written above.

    AMRAP 15 Min:
    16 Wall Balls (20/14)(10/9)
    12 Box Jumps (20/14)
    8 Burpees

    AMRAP 15 Min:
    15 Wall Balls (20/14)(10/8)
    10 Box Jumps (20/14)
    5 Burpees

    AMRAP 15 Min:
    15 Wall Balls (14/10)(9/8)
    10 Box Jumps (14/short box)
    5 Burpees