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By January 26, 20162 Comments

Literally, Industrial Athletics is changing locations.  Almost 3 years ago, we moved into our 3rd floor location at 1501 Preble Avenue and it has proven to be a very unique CrossFit experience.  However, as our athletes get stronger and we continue to drop weights on our floor, we are creating some issues that would be costly to repair.  After a number of meetings with our landlord, we have decided that it is best to move the gym’s location to a first floor spot in a different building.  We know there have been some rumors circling around about this for a while, but we wanted to make sure it was actually going to happen before we made any announcements.  Here is some information we hope will answer most questions:


We aren’t moving far.  The new location is right around the corner.  Drive down Preble Avenue, take a left of Pennsylvania Avenue and we will be located in the back of the building with all of the MedSpeed cars.  Here is a map to show you.



We signed the new lease last week.  The goal is to move in on February 18, 19, 20, and 21.  That way, we will be in our new location for the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Open.  However, this is entirely contingent on the build out.  We will still have a men’s and women’s restroom and locker room.  So, as long as everything is completed by February 15th, we will move.  If the contractors are not able to complete the build out that soon, we will stay in our current location through the CrossFit Open and move the first weekend of April (our 3 year anniversary).


Yes and no.  Technically, the workable floor space is the same size we have now.  However, only Industrial Athletics and Olympic Lifting will be moving.  So, we will have the entire space to ourselves.  The restrooms and locker rooms will be located in a back hallway.  We will also gain a conference room, which we plan to make into a “Community Room”/Office where we will have the main table, the refrigerator, the cubbies, and some chairs or a couch for our members to hang out before and after classes.  There are no pillars, higher ceilings, and a ton of wall space.  We will enter and exit through a regular door, but we will have a cargo bay door that we can put up in the summer.  Here is a video of the space right now.  Keep in mind, everything you see currently in the space (like the tires) will be cleaned out.  Behind the blue double doors will be the Community Room, we will be removing the doors.



After creating a pro’s and con’s list, there are a ton of reasons to make this move.  However, that doesn’t mean we won’t be sad to leave our current location.  We could not have started without the generosity of our current Landlord.  Even today, he continues to help us as much as he can.  He even found us this new location.  We will also miss our unique location that we have truly made Industrial Athletics.  But, here is a list of some pro’s and con’s.

We Can Lift Anywhere (1st floor, no need for the platform)
Higher Ceilings (like real rope climbs)
More Versatile Space (Community Room, stones, wide open floor)
Shared Parking Lot (no more street parking)
Our Own Space (we will have more floor space than we need, so spread out)

No More Stairs!!! (for some, maybe that’s a pro)


Thanks for asking!  For now, just mark off February 18, 19, 20, and 21 on your calendars.  We will know more as the weeks go by if we are moving then or staying where we are until April.  Once we do actually make the move, we will need help moving EVERYTHING from one location to the other.  That means hands to pull up our flooring, take apart the pullup rig, put the flooring down, reassemble the rig, and move all of the other individual pieces.  We also need tools, trucks, and SUV’s to help move loads from our current location to the new location.  The hardest part will be the flooring and the rig.  Once those are moved, it is just a matter of lifting and moving everything else.

Ok, we think that covers the big ticket questions.  If you have more that we didn’t think of, ask a coach.  This is an exciting time for us and for our members.  We hope and pray that this is an easy transition and ask for everyone’s patience and assistance.

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