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Weight Loss Maintenance Research

J. Joy Gero is a member of Industrial Athletics who is working on her Doctorate in the Counseling Psychology Program at Carlow University.  She was also our January 2015 Athlete of the Month.  She is working on research regarding Weight Loss Maintenance and is asking for our help.  Here is her request:

Struggling to lose weight or trying to maintain a weight loss?

If you are over 18 and have struggled with your weight you might be eligible to participate in a survey to compare people who have lost weight. If you have lost 30lbs or more, and maintained that weight loss for one year OR if you have lost weight and then gained it back please consider following this link to complete a short online survey. The information you provide will contribute to a growing body of research about weight loss maintenance. Thank you! Joy Gero

The survey is 100% anonymous.  If you qualify, please consider taking a few moments to fill out the survey.