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This week’s blog is a little different than our typical message. It is a little lighter, but with all the information we usually bring.  Today we will discuss what is in your gym bag. Here at Industrial Athletics, we have cubbies. You could swap the words gym bag with gym cubby. We will list some items that could help you stay prepared for whatever you may have in your WOD. At the end of the blog, consider your essential gym items and decide if you need to add anything.


Typically the only piece of workout equipment in your gym bag is going to be a jump rope. This can provide a lot of variety to almost any workout. In CrossFit, the jump rope is used very often. It is one of our cardio movements and can help increase endurance. A higher-level skill includes the double under. Using the same rope in your workouts can improve skill level and overall performance. This is why you may find this in the typical gym bag.


The list of gym accessories is generally a bit longer. These are going to consist of items that enhance your movements but are not actually part of the workout. Some popular gym accessories include, wrists wraps, head bands, knee sleeves, weightlifting belts, grips, and chalk. All of these provide something to the athlete experience but aren’t part of the equipment in the workout. They are good to have, but are not essential.


Besides the equipment, the shoes are the only thing that you need to successfully perform a workout. There are many types of different training shoes. We will save that argument for another day. Typically for CrossFit, you will have a general training shoe. You may also have a pair of lifting shoes or running shoes. They are not all necessary, but again, they can add value to the workout.


The recovery items in your bag can vary. Typically they include recovery snacks and recovery drinks. Besides your typical water bottle, the drinks include protein powders, BCAAs, glutamine, or a high sodium drink. The recovery snacks might include fruit or a protein bar. The gym bag recovery equipment might include a lacrosse ball, flex/resistance bands, and a massage gun.

There are things on the list that you may not have, but should. There may also be other items that you feel are not necessary. Whatever is in the athlete gym bag varies between individuals. There will be similarities, but overall, the essentials will be the same. Remember to keep it simple and bring whatever allows you to perform your best in the best hour of your day.