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Anyone who has done CrossFit will give their own version of why they do this. From the outside, it looks like we sign our souls away to beat up our bodies while getting extremely sweaty. In reality, there are countless rewards behind this thing called CrossFit. Like most gymgoers, the objective is to get fit and improve our physical and mental health. Beyond that, most commercial gyms don’t offer much more. In today’s newsletter, we will be unpacking why we think CrossFit should be a staple in everyone’s life.


The CrossFit community is often underappreciated. When we say this, it means more than one singular thing. This includes the coaches and members from the gym as well as the organization itself. The CF community, in large, competes in the ‘Open’ each year. We also do the hero WOD Murph, as a community. When we talk about our specific box community, we mean the individuals that you see every day. The people who sweat and work hard next to you each day. Those are also the people that you see when the gym holds events outside the box to build relationships. Community is an important piece of the puzzle in the CrossFit world. 

Accountability and Coaching

This aspect of CrossFit also plays a part in its unique structure. This gives it a bit of an edge over other gyms. To be a CrossFit trainer, you must be certified. This means that each coach is held to a standard and must understand the framework behind what is being coached. Successful gyms have coaches that are holding their members accountable. In return, it trickles down to the members. They start to hold themselves and each other accountable to be better version of themselves. Most CF gyms also offer private training. This can enhance your skillset at an accelerated rate. This will allow you to hit your goals with even more accountability and guidance. 

Overcoming adversity and Honor

In the sport of CrossFit, there are many times when adversity arises. The hard workouts that you do each class teaches you about overcoming adversity. In addition to this, we honor fallen heroes in WODs each year. They made the ultimate sacrifice to protect and serve our country. This allows us to put our minds in a place that allows us to push through hard workouts and achieve things that we didn’t know we could.

Nutrition coaching 

CrossFit follows a pyramid called the “Theoretical Hierarchy Of Development”. This simply breaks down the developmental stages of CrossFit. At the bottom, is ‘Nutrition’. This is the foundation of CrossFit. Many individuals who only see CrossFit from the outside wouldn’t know this. The diet is a huge part of your fitness, health, and longevity in the sport and throughout life. Most CrossFit gyms offer nutrition coaching in some aspect. Ultimately, if your nutrition isn’t addressed, the rest will not improve much either.

Proven framework

CrossFit has a proven framework that has been tested repeatedly. The CF methodology is as follows; constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity – push, pull, hinge, squat, build strength & your aerobic system. What this means is that we focus on improving your functional movement that will help you in your day to day. Once you have mastered moving your body through space, we can then add weight. Once you have added weight and are moving efficiently, then you add intensity. The goal is to build character, confidence and increase health. The hope is that this translates into your daily routine to better your life. If you want this, join CrossFit.