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One of the main reasons that Industrial Athletics exists is to offer a service to our community. We give the service of health. Each day, we show up with the hopes to make our members better people. This day in age, inflation is soaring, and expenses are tight. Even still, we ask the question of why the gym is the first thing on the priority list to go? In today’s blog, we will unpack why you need the gym and a consistent fitness routine. 

Mental Health

The correlation between the body and the brain is a hot topic in the fitness world. This is scientifically proven as well. When working out, the body releases endorphins which positively impacts the brain. Fitness is a great way to regulate our out of whack hormones. It is also a good way to release toxins from the body by sweating. Both the toxins and hormones can threaten our mental health if they are left unchecked. When we are sedentary and aren’t moving our bodies, we are more susceptible to anxiety, depression, and mood swings. 


Human Interaction and relationships play a major part in our overall health. During the pandemic shutdown, risks of not only illness but mental health spikes increased due to the lack of human interactions. The relationships that we build in the gym matter greatly. Coming to the gym on a regular basis allows you to interact with others. Your gym community can also be a support system where you can be yourself. It also allows you to work hard while having fun and developing friendships that can change your life. One final benefit that your gym community brings is accountability. This keeps you coming back and instills a sense of integrity between yourself and others.


Have you ever heard the quote, “a body in motion, stays in motion”? The opposing part of that quote is a bit harsh, so we won’t discuss that today. The bottom line is that it is essential to keep your body moving for health and longevity. Movement must be a way of life just as eating healthy and getting enough hour of sleep. These, among other crucial aspects of life all amount to a mixture for success or demise. The scary truth is that this could be a matter of life or death. We all want to live into our old age years, but we want the years to mean something. Being alive and living life are two separate things. The creator of Bubs Naturals, a collagen product line, said, “Die Young as Old as Possible”. This is exactly what we mean when we preach about fitness and moving with a purpose. So, next time you consider skipping a workout or lowering the gym on the priority list, think about how incredibly important your health truly is.