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CrossFit WOD for 5/1/2013

For Time:

2000m Run (4 times around the building)
30 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)

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  • Brian Richards says:

    This was a lot of fun – thanks, guys!

    14:38 with hang cleans @ 135#

  • This WOD was AWESOME!!!!
    I loooooved the run, and although I probably underestimated myself on the hang power cleans, they were great too.
    17:57 with 65# HPC

    The cash-out……not so much.

    And I am making this proclamation – my double-unders are in effect, y’all! No more single-unders in WODs for me anymore. If someone catches me doing single-unders, call me out.

  • crimlaw says:

    That run was about as long as I predicted.

    11:46 at 155lbs.

  • moneypenny says:

    13-something at 75lbs


    Great job everyone! Really liked the cash-in. The cash-out…it was interesting, let’s just say that!

  • crASH and burn says:

    13:30 with 73# for the hpc’s. Great work 5:30, terrible cash out Steph! haha

  • moneypenny says:

    Oh, yep…CrASH is right…it was 73lbs for me, too, not 75lbs. Darn girl bar, gets my math all screwed up. Can they really not add 2 more pounds and keep the same diameter?!?!

  • Lizzi Mac says:

    17:37 @ 93#. That wod was actually fun, which I find surprising because I usually hate to run. The run wasn’t so bad this time! Granted, I went as slowly as molasses. Crim finished the entire workout faster than it too me to come back from the run (around 12:14 or so)! Damn. I do love hang power cleans though. Redemptive.

    The cash-in was super fun and the cash-out was TERRIBLE. I have zero ab strength; frankly, I’m unsure how I remain standing.