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The Coach’s Corner is Open

By May 6, 2016July 16th, 2021One Comment

Industrial Athletics is proud to introduce The Coach’s Corner, a one-on-one tracking program dedicated to helping our members reach their individual goals.  We LOVE all things CrossFit.  The workouts, the classes, the Community, the results.  However, the group setting and general physical preparedness programming cannot always address the goals and needs of the individual.  Sometimes members need and want more personal attention.  This personal attention can take many different forms from nutrition help, to help with Olympic Lifting, to special programming to increase specialized strength.  In our never ending pursuit to provide our members with the best possible CrossFit experience, we started the Coach’s Corner.  Here are more details.

The Coach’s Corner is a consultation program during which members meet one-on-one with a coach of his/her choice.  During each 1 hour session, the member will discuss goals with the coach.  The coach will then outline an individualized program to help that client reach his/her goal.  Through regular meetings between the coach and member, we are able to track progress through numbers, spreadsheets, and data.

Are you eating correctly in increase your fitness?  We can help you track your diet and take you through a 4 step program to make sure you are making the best decisions.

Does it seem like you are stuck at Brass or Steel and just can’t move up?  Meet with a coach at the Coach’s Corner and let’s find out why.  We will look at your diet, weight, body fat %, muscle size, work/rest rations, MetCon times, etc.

Do you have a special fitness event coming up and need some specific training?  The Coach’s Corner will offer private programming to take you to the next level.

Through the Coach’s Corner, we are able to offer all of this and more.

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