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Member Highlight: Rebecca DePoe

By February 15, 2021No Comments

This is Rebecca DePoe. She is perhaps one of the greatest success stories at Industrial Athletics. She first came to IA to attend one of our Community Days. One of our members brought her in to check us out, and she stayed.

One reason that Rebecca has been such a success story is because she doesn’t use excuses to hold her back. Soon after joining the gym, she added our Coach’s Corner program to supplement her group class fitness. Since she started in that program in September 2019, she has accomplished eight personal goals that range from diet consistency, to running a mile without stopping, to performing banded pullups. With discipline in her diet, she’s lost 25 pounds of bodyweight, 6% body fat, and over 7 inches off of her waistline. She has also increased her flexibility and range of motion over her entire body. She truly is a role model for our current members and those looking to start a fitness program. We can’t wait to see what she can do in the future.