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New Initiatives at IA!!!

Industrial Athletics

We recently made the decision to end our affiliation with CrossFit after insensitive tweets and emails made by ex-CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman. These statements further proved that in the time when leadership is needed most, CrossFit HQ failed to provide proper direction, compassion, and empathy for its community, its affiliates, and its members. 

Since that time, CrossFit has started to make substantial changes to its brand image, work environment, affiliate support, and inclusivity initiatives around the world.  Additionally, Greg Glassman has sold his 100% ownership in the company to Eric Roza, who is promising to drive additional change.  From Mr. Roza, “CrossFit will be implementing zero tolerance policies for any discrimination, racism, sexism, etc.”  We will sit back for now and watch to see if CrossFit is successful in re-aligning with more of our values.  

We have always worked hard to create an environment of love at Industrial Athletics, and that certainly won’t change.  With everything that is going on in the world, we have engaged in conversations with many of our members to make sure we are doing our best to support every individual who is part of our Community.  I welcome more one-on-one conversations directly with me in an effort to hear the opinions of others with an open mind and without judgment.  However, we will not support hate, hate speech, racism, or intolerance.  We will not engage in political statements or political activism, but will speak out more in support of basic human rights.  

We at Industrial Athletics believe black lives matter.  We recognize that our support for every community at Industrial Athletics has not always been equal.  As such, we will be doing more to show support through action.  We feel the biggest impact we can make starts at home. We have already made contact with local black owned businesses for potential partnerships, volunteer events, and programs for all of us to become better and more engaged neighbors for our local community and it won’t stop there. 

In the future, we will continue to set goals as a gym to work with other communities to participate in fundraisers, volunteerships, workshops, special events, and more.  At Industrial Athletics we will do better. We will speak out against injustices, inequality, and systemic racism. 

We look forward to helping everyone (including myself) become better people. 

–Matthew E. Becker, Owner