Open Gym for 7/24/2016

Open Gym is here every Sunday for 9am to 11am.  What does Open Gym mean?  It means you can come to Industrial Athletics and do what you want.  There is very little format.  You have two hours to do an extra WOD for the week, make up missed stregnth work, learn to climb a rope, build your gymnastics skills, flip a tire, push a sled, etc.  Need some extra work on this month’s goal?  Try this:

EMOM 12 Min:
Min 1-4:  3 High Hang Snatches (60%)
Min 4-8:  3 Low Hang Snatches
Min 8-12:  3 Snatche From Below the Knee

11:00am – Olympic Lifting with Greene Barbell Club