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Our Values

Our Values

We all make decision in our daily life.  Some of these decision are easy, like what you are going to eat for lunch.  Some are more difficult, like should you take that new job?  We talk a lot at Industrial Athletics about having a purpose in your actions.  You need to know why you are doing something.  Otherwise, your actions are random and without meaning.  However, your purpose or intent simply answers the question of why you are doing something.  For example, in everything we do at IA, we believe in building better individuals.  Thus, when we offer a new service, or make a decision about a new product, you can trust that the reason we decided to make a change is because we believe it will help us build better individuals.

Once you know why you are doing something, you need to determine how you are going to do it.  These are your core values.  A good set of core values will be overarching general values that you can fall back on when determining how to live your life.  At IA, we try to instill the values of:

Always be Humble, Overcome Adversity, and Always Act With Integrity.

We believe that if our members adopt these values as their own, then they are setting themselves up for achieving the most success in life.

Always be Humble

To us, humility means removing your ego and developing a mind that is always open to learning from any situation and any person.  It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing something.  It doesn’t matter how much of an expert you think you are in a topic.  There is always something you can learn.  Those who develop this humble mentality are also willing to set aside what they think they know and are open to new information and new possibilities.  Even someone who is completely new may teach us something we never knew.  If we let our ego says we already know it all, or know better than this person, we lose that chance to grow.

Overcome Adversity

Adversity is anything in life that gets in the way our goals or progress.  We try to teach our members how to recognize adversity and push through it.  We don’t learn by going through life taking the easy path.  The easy path simply reaffirms what we already know.  Adversity takes us out of our comfort zone and forces us to learn to things.  That is how we grow as a person.  Those who turn away from adversity just stay the same old person and let fear control their life.  The obstacle is the way.

Always Act With Integrity

At IA, we define integrity two ways:

  1. Doing what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it:  This can also be the definition of responsibility.  We try to build people who are reliable go-getters.
  2. Doing they right thing, even when no one is watching:  similar to our first definition, we try to teach people to always do the right thing.  However, this doesn’t mean you are free to do the wrong thing when you know no one will find out.  That isn’t acting with integrity.  The “right thing” to do doesn’t change just because someone may or may not find out.  Integrity means someone can rely on you to do the right thing . . . always.

With these three core values in mind, we believe we set up our members for the best possible success in life.  We want to be life long learners.  Every time we take on a challenge, we grow as a human being.  Finally, we recognize the right thing to do in any situation and know that we will always do the right thing.  What better way is there to live?