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Remembering 1501 Preble

Almost 3 years ago to the month, I had my first meeting with Dave Colaizzi (our landlord).  He showed us spaces around his building, and we picked our current location as the starting point of Industrial Athlteics, the Home of CrossFit Alloy.  Without his help, we would have never gotten off of the ground.  He knew what he was getting himself into being the landlord of a CrossFit gym and he put his men to work building our gym.


We started with just under 2000 square feet.  It was tight, but we made it work.  We had a great time with gettogethers on the weekend and cookouts.


As we expanded our membership, we decided to grow our little space.  Everyone jumped in and we moved our walls and built our lifting platform.


image  image

Since that initial expansion, we have moved the walls again, added multiple services, and grew our Community.  We added a pull-up rig, moved equipment around, and adapted to our unique space.


With every passing year came more and more people.  Holiday WODs went from seeing 10-12 people to 20-24 people.  Some faces have come and gone, but we have been here ready to show the world about CrossFit.



As much as we want to stay, the time has come to move our little gym to a new home.  Right around the corner, we aren’t going far.   However, with our members getting stronger and our membership expanding, our 3rd floor location just isn’t holding up under our pressure.

We will always miss 1501 Preble and we will always remember where we begin.  Because, regardless of where our Community goes, we will always be:


–Matthew E. Becker, Owner

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