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Using Change as an Opportunity


Change is scary.  It forces us into a state of unknown.  Most of us really don’t like the unknown and will do just about anything to avoid it.  However, change can also be an opportunity.  Those who are constantly moving forward in life, especially toward goals, get over the fear of change and embrace it.

When we live a life full of structure (as promoted through the Stronger Revolution Podcast), we can fall into a rut thinking we need to do the same thing day in and day out.  Even positive actions in our life done without intention can become negatives.  Change is an opportunity to kick us out of our routine.  This gives us a chance to reevaluate our routine and determine whether we have been acting without intention.  If so, change gives us the opening in our life to restart our routine.

For example, maybe you are the person who goes to the bar every night after work to socialize and network.  You always have the desire to start a fitness program.  However, there’s that scary change.  So, you stick with the bar and continue to live an unhealthy life.

Then, something comes along and keeps you from going to the bar every night (think COVID-19 shutting everything down).  This is your chance to adjust your routine.  You now have the opportunity to start something new.  Use that opportunity to revaluate what you do every day and whether there an is benefit.  If there is no benefit, or if you just go to the bar because it’s what you always do, it’s time for a change . . .

For more help with embracing change, maximizing your time, and living 1% better every day, reach out.  Providing the best fitness program in Pittsburgh is just one way we make our members better people.