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A Coach’s Perspective

We’ve been talking in this series of posts about the benefits of having a coach. Your coach can be for anything in your life. The primary question is whether you want to strive for excellence in some area. If so, you can get really far by yourself, but a coach will be able to take you further faster.

In our last post, we talked about benefits of accountability. Not only will a coach be able to tell you what to do, but also he or she will be able to keep you accountable to do it. Often times, knowing that someone else is checking in on us is incredibly motivating.

Another big advantage of using a coach is having a neutral third party perspective. As much as we try to practice self-evaluation, it is almost impossible to be completely unbiased. Pay attention to your thoughts over the next few days. Your mind will find a way to justify anything you want to do.

When we are trying to make changes in our life, emotions often get involved. This can make it hard to make decisions. We start to consider every option and possible outcome. Before we know it, we’ve hit a point of paralysis by analysis. We can never decide the best course of action to take.

A coach will be able to look at the path to your goals without this emotional block. Your coach will have a neutral third party perspective and be able to advise you based on facts and data, not how you feel. Essentially, your coach will help you see the forest through the trees. It is amazing how this simple point of view can keep you moving toward your goals without hesitation.