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Best Jump Rope Options

By September 9, 2020No Comments

One of the perks of joining a gym like Industrial Athletics is that we provide all of the equipment you need to workout.  Most of the equipment is general use and not very personal to the individuals.  For example, a forty-five pound barbell works for any member who is strong enough to lift it.  The pullup bar is the same regardless of height, weight, or gender.  However, some equipment will need some customization to you.  When we use the rowers, you need to adjust the foot straps, foot pads, and damper.  When we use the assault bikes, you will likely need to adjust the height of the seat.

One piece of equipment that is really personal is the jump rope.  While we provide all the equipment you need for the best workout, and we even have jump ropes for general use, a jump rope is a very personal thing.

For starters, you need a rope that is measured to your height.  You can’t simply use the same rope as another person.  Second, the thickness of the rope is very important.  For beginners, a thicker rope is best because the rotations will be slower.  The more advanced you get, the thinner you will want your rope.  The weight of the handles is also important.  Some people like heavier handles that will provide more feedback in the hand.  Others will prefer a lighter handle that won’t fatigue the forearms as much.  Finally, you have to consider the length of the handle.  A shorter handle will be able to move faster, while a longer handle will provide more control and feedback.

Because the jump rope is so individual, it is one piece of equipment we recommend new athletes invest in.  Additionally, they range in price from pretty cheap to pretty expensive.  Therefore, you have options.  To help new athletes choose a good quality rope for them, here are some options we love.


    A relatively inexpensive rope, this is a good introduction rope for the true beginner.  The handles are on the smaller side, so you won’t feel the rope moving quite as much as the next option.  It is fully adjustable to any height.

    Similar to the option above, this is a relatively inexpensive rope.  The handles are longer for more feedback from the spinning rope.  You will have more control over the rope speed with this rope if going too fast is a concern for you.


    If you are ready for more speed, but still maintaining control, this rope is a great option.  A little more expensive than the options above, this rope has a ball bearing system for spinning.  That means you will be able to move the rope faster without much additional effort.


    Perhaps the fastest rope of all of the options, this one is build for speed.  The handles are short and it is build with ball bearings.  In the realm of what you need for regular class, the price of this rope is still pretty reasonable.

If you want to get your own rope, any of the above options will stand the test of time and wherever you are in your single under/double under/triple under journey.  If you need help measuring it for the proper length, bring it into the gym.  Our coaches can help measure and cut it.