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Clean Practice for 3/11/2019

Industrial Athletics – CrossFit

We are working on some heavy cleans today. If you are not proficient pulling from the ground yet, be sure to pull the heavy 85% clean from the hang position.

If your class gets to the pullups, this is about building volume hanging from a pullup bar. Pick a scale that allows you to get 10 pullups each minute.

Power/Squat Clean (2)

Every 90 x 3

Warm up to 75% of max Clean

Every 90 x 6

1 HP Clean (75%)

1 HS Clean

Squat Clean Work (1)

E2MOM 12 Min

1 Squat Clean (85%)

Pullup Practice (10)

EMOM 8 Min:

10 CTB Pullups


10 Kipping Pullups


10 Banded Pullups

or 10 Jumping CTB Pullups