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Cleans and Jerk Breakdown for 3/9/2018

Today’s WOD is essentially breaking down the clean and jerk into it’s individual parts.  For each EMOM, you will get about 5 minutes to work up to a heavy work set for that lift.  We will not designate any particular percentage for any of the lifts.  You lift based on how you are feeling today.

Want to go light and work on form?  AWESOME.  Want to lift a little heavier and work on your strength?  AWESOME.  It’s all based on you.

Industrial Athletics WOD for 3/9/2018: 

1. Every 90 sec x 3
1 Clean
3 Front Squats

2. Every 90 sec x 3
3 Thrusters

3. Every 90 sec x 3
3 Push Jerks

*Must pull from the ground
*5 Min between to readjust weight

6:30pm – Olympic Lifting with Forged Steel Weightlifting Club