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“Mary” for 7/22/2016

Most people who have done CrossFit for a while have done some form of Cindy.  Next to Fran, Cindy is probably the second most popular female named WOD we do in CrossFit.  Cindy’s evil sister, is Mary.  Usually CrossFit main site programs the two of them together and the participants have a choice.

As you approach Mary, keep these things in mind.  It is a 20 minute AMRAP.  So pace yourself.  That is a lot of pullups per round, so scale accordingly. You don’t want to walk around with T-Rex arms all weekend.  Finally, a lot of you have been introduced to the Curtsey Pistol and other variations that allow you to do pistols without assistants.  We will introduce them again today because they will be acceptable.

CrossFit Alloy WOD for 7/22/2016:

Olympic Lifting Accesory Work:
EMOM 6 Min:
3 Clean and Jerks (70%)
*Must pause above the knee for 3 seconds

AMRAP 20 Min:
5 Handstand Pushups
10 Pistols
15 Pullups

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6:30pm – Olympic Lifting with Greene Barbell Club

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