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Meet the Member: Grant Curlis


This is Grant Curlis.  Grant and Coach Matt met long before he ever joined IA.  He was a member of another CrossFit gym when he started his fitness journey.  However, when his gym started to shut down, he reached out to Coach Matt in hopes of switching over.  That was 2014 or 2015 before his son Liam was born and IA was a brand new gym in Pittsburgh.   Since then, Grant has been a regular at our 5:30pm class.

When IA was forced to shut down from COVID-19, the prospect of at-home workouts with no equipment set in hard for Grant.  However, he quickly overcame the obstacle, made some home equipment out of things he had around the house, and has been keeping up with this fitness as much as possible.  We are so proud to have Grant as part of the IA Community.

A little known fact about Grant, he’s an amazing artist.