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Member Highlight: Brandon Mohr

By February 23, 2021No Comments

This is Brandon Mohr. He joined Industrial Athletics in October of 2018. Before COVID forced everyone to work from home and disrupted schedules, Brandon was a regular attendee at our 6:15am class. Since then, he has been moving around to different class times, using the flexibility of our schedule to make sure he gets in his workout.

As a busy attorney, and kids at home, Brandon understands the importance of keeping time in his day for fitness. On days when he has to be in the office, he uses our locker rooms to get ready for work. That gives him the flexibility to get in his workout, get to work, and get home at night to spend time with his family. He utilizes all that we have to offer from our facilities, to our specialty programs, and our Community events. His success shows, especially in those high cardio workouts where he shines.