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Mental Toughness 6 – Confidence

In the final installment of our series on Mental Toughness, we are going to talk about confidence. If you’ve followed this series on Mental Toughness, hopefully you have implement some of the practices we’ve talked about. If so, you should find yourself feeling more confidence than ever. But, what is confidence? How do we define it when it comes to Mental Toughness?

Confidence Defined

Confidence is different than ego or arrogance. Confidence is looking like you know what you are doing because you have done it before in the past. Ego or arrogance is trying to look like you know what you are doing so no one realizes you’ve never done it before.

When we are confident, we are mentally tough. Confidence allows us to understand the circumstances and respond thoughtfully to the situation. If you recall from earlier installments in this series, that is the definition we are using for mental toughness.

Developing Confidence

To gain confidence, we have to gain experience. That means exposing ourselves to as many situations as possible. We cannot shy away from what we don’t know out of fear. Check out our post on Fear. If we avoid a situation, we can’t learn from it. Your ego tells you that you already know something, so you don’t need to do “that.” Destroy your ego, embrace every possible situation and reflect on what you learned. Sure, you may screw up. However, you will learn what not to do next time. Then, when you encounter the same situation again in the future, you can do so with confidence because your experience tells you what to do.

So, get out in the World and accept anything that comes your way. The more you experience, the more confident you will be.