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Our Purpose

“In everything we do, we believe in building better individuals.”

That is our purpose.  That is why we exist.  This purpose drives all of our decisions and brings us focus in our day-to-day operations.  Without a purpose, we have no direction.  However, you don’t need to run a business to have a purpose in life. 

In his book “Start With Why,” author Simon Sinek talks about the need for understanding “WHY” we are doing something.  It brings consistency to our life.  When we are faced with hard decisions, we are able to remove the emotion from the situation and make a clear choice.  We don’t become bogged down with conflicting motivations like what we want to do versus what we think we should do.  We’ve already taken the time to establish our purpose, so every decision should align with the same central guiding principle.

Additionally, a purpose will help keep us moving forward when life gets us down.  When the going gets tough and motivation is low, refocusing on our purpose will reenergize us and can be the push we need to take action.  When COVID-19 hit last year, we were faced with mounting adversity.  For a few months, we fought daily to keep Industrial Athletics alive.  However, by falling back on our purpose, we were able to refocus our efforts to figure out how we could still build better people around the restrictions we were facing.  Our actions changed.  The delivery of our service changed.  But, our purpose stayed the same.  At our darkest, it was the light that kept us moving forward. 

To help find your purpose, check out our podcast episode: