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Secret to Burning Fat

3 Requirements for Burning Fat

As you can imagine, when you own a gym, “How do I lose weight,” is one of the most popular questions we get. When we dive in a little on people’s true goal, it is usually, “How do I lose fat.” So, this week, we will share the secret. Here’s another secret, it isn’t anything too hard or special.

In its most basic form, fat burning comes down to burning more calories than you consume. However, for anyone who has tried to burn fat, you will know it is never that easy.

Burning fat takes three things: controlling caloric intake, increasing your respirations, and increasing your muscle fibers. This week, we will cover how to maximize all three in your life to help you burn more fat.

Diet and Caloric Intake

Before you worry too much about increasing your respirations and muscle fibers, you need to check you diet. Diet and nutrition is the most important element to burning fat. Your diet will make or break all of your efforts.

It doesn’t matter how much cardio you do. You can run marathons every day. It doesn’t matter how long you spend in the gym pumping iron. You could make it your full time job. If you aren’t supporting your activity with the right amount of calories, all of your effort will be for not. If you are going to focus on only one of the three ways to burn fat, pick diet.

The Secret

So, what is the secret to eating a diet that burns fat? Without further delay:

  1. Eat all natural foods
  2. Eat three, but not more than five, times a day
  3. Eat until you are satisfied, but not stuffed.

That it! We know, that isn’t as exciting as you might have imagined. However, over and over and over again, this is our primary focus in our Nutrition Program. Over and over and over again, clients burn more fat and reduce their size faster, and keep it off longer, than any other “diet” they want to try.

Want the real secret to burning fat through diet: Accountability. Everyone “knows” what they should and shouldn’t eat. So, why can’t you see the results you want? Because humans aren’t good at holding themselves accountable.

At Industrial Athletics, our Nutrition Program focuses first on developing habits that fit into your life. We then hold you accountable to those habits. That’s why we see so much success with our clients.