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Self Awareness v. Introspection

On the latest episode of The Stronger Revolution, I discuss the difference between Self Awareness and Introspection.  This was a listener request, but fits with out theme for the show.  When we are trying to improve our lives every day through the aggregation of marginal gains, we need some awareness of ourselves.  Self-awareness is being aware of the image you are portraying to the world.  Are you aware of your body language, responses, or facial expressions.  Do you do things that annoy you when other people do the same things?  Can you see yourself from a third party prospective?

Introspection, by comparison, is what happens on the inside.  What are you motivations and why are those your motivations?  What is your purpose?  Do you have core values?  What is happening on the inside that causes your external expressions?  Most people have a hard time with true introspection because it requires some deep thoughts and you risk experiencing some tough emotions.  It is much easier to live in a world of constant distraction where you never have to face these true feelings.

In a world of the internet, tv, and social media, we never have to worry about self awareness and introspection.  There is constant external distraction, constant media to consume.  We can live through the lives of other people.  However, if you are ever going to improve yourself and improve your life, you have to take the time to look at yourself and look inward.  Your values drive your decisions.  Your decisions drive your actions.  Your actions drive your life.  Improve your values and you automatically improve your life.