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Skill WOD for 4/6/2018

Yesterday day was a Comp WOD.  Today, we have a skill WOD.  The goal of Skill WODs is to focus in on a particular skill that we want to develop.  Skill WODs should not exceed 80% of your full effort.  Think of them as practice under intensity.

Those who want to improve their fitness will benefit as much from Skill WODs as they do from Training WODs because they will use Skill WODs as a way to improve their movement quality.

We will also be testing your pushups benchmark today.

Industrial Athletics WOD for 4/6/2018:

Pushup up Test:
Max Effort Pushup in 1 Min

6 Rounds for Time:
Run 400m
Rest 90 Sec

*400s should take less than 2 min

6:30pm – Olympic Lifting with Forged Steel Weightlifting Club 

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  • Scaling:

    Platinum: As written above.

    6 Rounds for Time:
    Building Run
    Rest 90 Sec

    6 Rounds for Time:
    Parking Lot Sprint
    Rest 90 Sec