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Strict Pullups and Pistols for 8/22/2016

By August 21, 20162 Comments

There will be some schedule changes this week.  This will primarily affect the 9am and noon classes.  Make sure you are staying tuned to the website and social media for the updates.  We know now that 9am on Tuesday will move to 8am.  No noon on Tuesday.  No 9am on Thursday.

Today’s WOD is about working volume with two skillful movements.  Over the course of the workout, you will do 70 Strict Pullups and 84 Pistols.  Looked at individually, that is a lot of reps for each of those movements.  However, spread out over 14 minutes, it becomes manageable.

CrossFit Alloy WOD for 8/22/2016:

Olympic Lifting Accessory Work:
Learn or Review of Split Jerk Technique
(*wink* we may see this later this week)

EMOM 14 Min:
Min 1: 10 Strict Pullups
Min 2: 12 Pistols

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  • Crimlaw says:


    Platinum: As written above.

    EMOM 14 Min:
    Min 1: 10 Kipping Pullups
    Min 2: 8 Pistols

    EMOM 14 Min:
    Min 1: 10 Pullups (Banded)
    Min 2: 8 Pistol Progressions

    EMOM 14 Min:
    Min 1: 10 Ring Rows
    Min 2: 8 Pistol Progressions

  • joed says:

    Platinum: all sets of pull-ups and “pistols” done unbroken for all rounds.