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The Process

By May 17, 2019November 23rd, 2020No Comments

On this Episode of The Stronger Revolution, we talk about The Process.  There are a lot of different definitions for The Process. However, for our purposes, The Process is how we approach the tasks that will lead to our 1% daily gains.  Basically, there are three steps:

  1. Find something that aligns with your purpose,
  2. Teach yourself what you need to do to complete the task,
  3. Complete that task really really well.

Improving our lives on a daily basis through the aggregation of marginal gains requires us to embrace change in our life.  After all, if we do everything tomorrow the same way we do it today, there won’t be any improvement.  Change can be hard to embrace, especially for those of us who really like our structured routines.  Additionally, that change is going to take many different forms.  Change might mean a new morning routine, different diet, adding a new daily task, having to learn something new, or performing a regular task in a different way.  If we simply accept the change, and go through the motions, then our opportunity to advance won’t be fully realized.  We would stop at step two of the The Process outlined above.

Instead, we have to embrace the change, welcome the change, and take it on in its fullest.  If we are trying to gain a new certification, it’s not enough to just read the book and memorize the material.  We have read it, contemplate it, consider it, challenge it, and fully understand it.  At the gym, it isn’t enough for me to simply teach someone to do a squat.  I have to learn and know how to teach the best air squat possible and then continually convey that message to my clients.  It isn’t enough for me to stand in front of a fitness class and tell them what to do to get from point A to point B.  There may be more efficient ways to run a class, better ways to convey the message I am trying to deliver, or better ways to train people in my class.  The Process is the constant pursuit of doing “it” better.  The Process isn’t what we have to do.  We’ve already talked about that in previous episodes of the Podcast.  The Process is how we do it.

Henry Heinz describes The Process perfectly, “To the a common thing uncommonly well brings success.”

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