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Why CrossFit Works, Part 2

In our last post, we started talking about why CrossFit works.  Check it out HERE. There are a million diet and fitness programs out there.  Yet, CrossFit produces the highest number of life transitions from any one specific program.  Why?  How is this possible?  Today, we are going to dive into the environment of the CrossFit gym as it relates to the affiliate model. 

Small Classes

CrossFit is not unique in its class based model.  Every YMCA offers classes.  Step aerobics has been around for decades.  However, the data collection that is prevalent in the CrossFit Affiliate makes it a truly unique experience. Everything we do in CrossFit is observable, MEASURABLE, and repeatable.  You receive an instant feedback loop of progress in every aspect from your form and range of motion, to your strength, speed, and endurance.  Add to it the feedback, monitoring, and support of the coach and other members, and you have a powerful combination of community and environment.  

The Advantage of a Coach

The advantage of an in-person coach who is there to make sure every member is moving properly cannot be overlooked.  Any in-person fitness program has an advantage over an online or at-home program because of the immediate feedback.  Additionally, the coach at the CrossFit Affiliate is there specifically to make sure you are moving safely, having fun, and getting a good workout.  Unlike classes at other gyms, the CrossFit coach does not workout with the group.  His or her role is to focus solely on each individual whether in one-on-one training or small groups classes.  When we meet with prospective members, a common reason people want to try CrossFit is because, “I want someone to make sure I am doing things correctly.”

A Truly Unique Environment

A CrossFit Affiliate is a truly unique environment.  Most people come in with an internal motivation to change.  The goals of losing weight, increasing strength, and/or increasing longevity of life bring people into the gym.  It doesn’t take long for the new member to experience an increase in purpose and social standing which are powerful external motivators to keep going.  Then, goals start to be set and achieved.  Recording workout results, setting new PRs, receiving encouragement from coaches, and keeping members engaged through Goal Review Sessions are all extraordinarily motivating and increase enthusiasm.

Put all of this together, and you have a perfect recipe for positive transitions in health and wellness.