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We All Need Accountability

Last week, we did a series of posts about why CrossFit works.  Of all of the fitness programs out there, why do so many people see such major transformations when they start a CrossFit Program?  One reason CrossFit works is the accountability.  The small environment, the individual attention, and group setting, all of this keeps us coming back. 

If we asked you if you think eating healthy is important, you would say, “Yes, of course.”  If we asked you if exercise is necessary for a long term health and wellness, again, you would say, “Yes.”  We’ve talked before about why diet is so important to a fitness program and how the two work hand in hand.  So, if we know nutrition plus fitness is the magic formula for a vibrant healthy long life, why don’t we do both?  Why do most of us prioritize one over the other.  Why do so many of us say things like, “I know my diet could be better, I just need to buckle down and eat cleaner?” 

The Key is Accountability

In our experience working with hundreds of client over the last 8.5 years at Industrial Athletics, we’ve learned that the key is accountability.  When it comes to keeping ourselves accountable, time and time again, we will let ourselves down.  It is so easy to look in the mirror and make justifications why we didn’t stick to the plan or reach our goals.  However, when we are working with someone else, we show up, almost every time.  

Admit It, You Need Help

Before we can reap the benefits of being accountable to another person, we have to admit that we need help.  At Industrial Athletics, we promote the Core Value of being humble.  One way we define humility is by admitting that we don’t know everything and look to others for help.  We try to recognize those instances where we think we know what to do, but still don’t do it.  Then, we find someone to help us stay accountable to do it.  We hire mentors and coaches.  We record our workout scores for everyone at the gym to see that we are doing fitness.  We practice what we preach when it comes to diet and nutrition so we set an example of a health lifestyle.