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Athlete of the Month for February 2020

By January 31, 2020No Comments

The second Athlete of the Month for 2020 stood out to the coaches in part because of her dedication to working toward an unassisted strict pullup.  When she started at IA, she stated that an unassisted pullup was a goal of hers.  During the second half of 2019, she was ready to focus on it.  She started on the black band, moved to the green band, and is currently on a red band.  She achieved her first unassisted kipping pullup this year while participating in our Open Team Competition in October.  However, what really stood out to us was the humility she showed in bringing back the pullup bands to dedicate her time and effort to building strength for a strict pullup before continuing to kip.  We prefer to see strict strength before dynamic, but sometimes it’s hard to hold athletes back.  Along with her pullup work, her consistent class attendance, and her participation in the IA Community (including our Ragnar Team), she’s also dropped almost four inches off her waistline with diet help in our Coach’s Corner Program (recently separated into the Practical Diet Revolution).  The Athlete of the Month for February 2020 is:


1. Where are you from originally? Although I was born outside of Philadelphia, I grew up in Cranberry Township, and definitely consider myself a Pittsburgher

2. If not from Pittsburgh, what brought you to Pittsburgh? My dad’s job brought us to Pittsburgh when I was 11

3. Where do you work? I work for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, organizing fundraising events.

4. What is your favorite hobby? I really enjoy doing anything outside and active – I love to ski, hike, run, bike, swim, etc.

5. How did you discover CrossFit? A few years ago I discovered the Fittest Documentaries and started following some of the pro’s on social media and during the games – but never thought I would be able to do any of the movements! I actually checked out IA when it was in the other building, but chickened out.  Friends kept telling me I needed to try it and that it was something I would really enjoy, and I finally gave in and followed through with fundamentals.

6. When did you start CrossFit? I started fundamentals at IA last January, so I just had my one year anniversary!

7. Why did you start CrossFit? I was bored training alone on a shoulder/legs/back/arms type schedule and I wasn’t really seeing results. I missed the group training atmosphere I had in college and while training for past marathons.  Crossfit seemed like a good option.

8. What is your favorite thing to do in CrossFit? Deadlifts! 

9. What is your least favorite thing to do in CrossFit? Probably handstand push-ups – or any modification of them. It is a movement that I just feel inefficient doing

10. What is the number 1 thing you want to get better at? EVERYTHING, but if I must pick one, then I have to say Pullups! Being able to do a strict pull up has always been a goal/challenge for me, and even though I have made a ton of progress this year – going from jumping pull-ups, to getting my first kipping pull-up during the fall open, and in January I got my first strict pull-up using only the red band – I have a lot to work on still. 

11. What is your favorite part about coming to CrossFit at Industrial Athletics? I love how supportive the community is. Pushing yourself seems easier when your classmates are cheering you on during a tough WOD or offering words of encouragement when you are trying to hit a new PR or other goal. On the other hand – it is inspiring when your classmates are reaching their goals or having a breakthrough moment. 

12. What is your favorite CrossFit WOD?  I really enjoy workouts with both a cardio and lift component – and two of the hero workouts come to mind as my favorites –  Harper and Daniel!