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Clean Complex for 8/3/2018

Tomorrow’s Competition class will be from 9am-10am.  We canceled the class on Mindbody to eliminate confusion.  If you regularly attend competition class, come tomorrow at 9am if you aren’t preparing for the Arsenal Competition.

On Wednesday, we saw the first heavy lifting movement for this month, the Overhead Squat.  This month, we will also see clean and jerks.  In June, we worked on a max effort clean.  In July, we worked on a max effort Jerk.  It’s time to put them together.

Industrial Athletics WOD for 8/3/2018:

E3MOM 18 Min:
5 Deadlifts
5 HS Cleans
5 Push Jerks
5 Front Squats
(Build each round)

6:30pm – Olympic Lifting with Forged Steel Weightlifting Club