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Forming Good Habits

When we are trying to live every day better than the day before, habits are the best way to make sure we are optimizing our time in the best way possible.  Habits are regular consistent actions, performed on a regular consistent basis, without thinking.  So, if we can form habits that improve our lives 1% every day, then we know we are always improving our lives without even thinking about it.  Additionally, we all have bad habits that we need to break.  The best way to break a bad habit is to develop a good habit to take its place.

To form habits, you have to follow the 3 R’s as set forth by the Habit Guru, James Clear:  Reminder, Response, Reward.  First, set a reminder to perform an action.  That response action is the habit you are trying to create.  Then, reward yourself for carrying out the action.  Everyone loves a reward and your brain is more apt to make a change that brings it pleasure.

For more information on habit forming, and some examples, check out our latest podcast episode: