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Here to Help!

By January 28, 2021No Comments
Industrial Athletics

Here to Help

At Industrial Athletics, we like to say, “In everything we do, we believe in building better people.” The “building better people” portion of that statement is really just buzz words surrounding the Industrial theme. Kind of like our tag line, “Combining elements to make you stronger.”

Here to Help You

What the words really mean is that we are here to help people. More specifically, we are here to help you. We could rewrite our mission to read, “we believe in building better individuals.” We intentionally left it vague how we will help you because we want to meet you where you are . . . today.

Helping By Being Flexible

2020 really defined the broad nature of how we can help. Sometimes, making someone “better” means helping them increase their level of fitness. Sometimes, this means improving their diet. However, it can also mean just helping someone work through a difficult time in their life. In the past year, we’ve completely restructured what we do at IA. From large classes to small classes, adding online programming options, more personal training, increased offerings through our Coach’s Corner Consultation Program, and more, we’ve been able to help more people how they need to be helped, not how we think we can help.

Three Pillars of Success

We subdivide how we can help into three categories. It is what we call our Three Pillars for Success: The Body (Fitness/Nutrition), The Mind (Core Value), and The IA Community. We believe that when someone fully participates in all three pillars at IA, they truly become a better individual in every aspect of their life.

As long we people ask, we will be here to help. We will constantly strive to become better versions of ourselves so we can help you becomes a better version of yourself.