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It’s About the Experience

We had an experienced CrossFitter come into the gym lately to check us out with the hope of joining.  When he was done trying a class, he was hooked.  “It’s all about the experience,” he said.

He is exactly right, and that is what we strive for at Industrial Athletics.   As a CrossFit gym in Pittsburgh, we are just one of many in the big city.  So, it is important that we differentiate ourselves.  Every gym has its reputation.  Some are geared more toward the CrossFit competitions.  Some CrossFit gyms in Pittsburgh focus more on a younger crowd.  At Industrial Athletics, we’ve always thought of ourselves as the “Average Joes.”  That’s not a jab at our people, or the quality of our workouts.  It’s more of a realistic picture of the type of person you will encounter here:  usually someone with a full time job, a family, a small social network, who wants to come in and get a good workout while getting away from the distractions of life for an hour.

However, it’s not enough to rest on our reputation.  We also charge on the higher end of a monthly fee.  If someone is simply price shopping for the lowest CrossFit gym in Pittsburgh, then there are plenty out there lower than us.  We are not necessarily charging for a CrossFit class.  You can get that free online at  We are charging for the experience.  We are structured systemized business.  We are clean and organized.  Our equipment works.  Our barbell spin.  Our pullup rig isn’t taped up and sticky from sweaty clumps of chalk.  We actually clean our facility on a regular consistent basis.  As a CrossFit gym in Pittsburgh, we function more as a business that offers CrossFit than a CrossFit gym.  That means we are providing you what you are paying for.  Expert coaches, a beautiful facility, a strong social and supportive atmosphere, and ever expanding services.

When people talk about what other CrossFit gyms in Pittsburgh are charging, we like to draw a comparison to luxury vehicles.  Any car, wether $1500 or $50,000 will get you from point A to point B.  People pay more for a vehicle because of the added prestige, the added features, and higher end parts . . . the experience.  That’s what we strive for at Industrial Athletics.  We want to provide a top end gym experience that features CrossFit, a Community, and a Culture.