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Pullups, Pushups, Squats, and Double Unders 1/9/2020

Industrial Athletics – CrossFit

Today’s WOD is a for time workout of pretty high volume for each movement. When you start the workout, keep in mind that reps are high and you need to manage your work/rest as you proceed.

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

50 Pullups

100 Pushups

150 Squats

300 Double Unders

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  • Industrial Athletics says:


    Platinum: As written above.

    For Time:
    30 Pullups
    60 Pushups
    90 Squats
    200 Double Unders

    For Time:
    30 Pullups (may be banded)
    60 Pushups (May use box)
    90 Squats
    300 Single Unders

    For Time:
    30 Ring Rows
    60 Pushups (May use box)
    90 Squats
    150 Single Unders