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Making Time for Exercise

By September 16, 2021No Comments

Recently, we sat down with our Athlete of the Month for September 2021, Sophie Egerter. We talked about how she found CrossFit and why she decided to join Industrial Athletics. We also talked about her challenges as a stay at home mother trying to stay fit.

As a sole provider, Sophie’s husband is incredibly busy. He is a local fireman, an electrician, and he owns various rental properties around town. With three kids at home, Sophie has a hard enough time managing the household, let alone keeping focus on her diet and fitness. However, she’s been a member at Industrial Athletics for a number of years. She’s seen dramatic improvement in her physical and mental strength.

For her, working out is more than a way to stay physically strong. She also relies on her time at Industrial Athletics to keep her mentally strong. When life gets hard, she gets to the gym and literally works it out. Recently, when one of her young children broke his leg, she used the gym to provide some separation from the stress at home. This allowed her to stay strong and positive around her family.

So, how does she do it? How does Sophie stay so dedicated to her fitness program? How does she maintain a healthy diet that she prepares? Well, for the full answer, you will have to listen to the podcast interview with her. But, here is a hit: it’s not enough to have a goal. You need a plan to follow to reach that goal. Check out her interview to learn how she and her husband use planning to stay on track.