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Staying Organized

Anyone who listens to our Podcast, the Stronger Revolution, knows that structure is freedom.  Part of an effective structure is good organization.  When we have a purpose and goals associated with that purpose, we will have to do things on a daily basis to reach those goals.  A structured life will keep up on track to dedicate time to those daily tasks.  However, we need a system to make sure we are on top of those tasks.

Finding examples of daily organizational systems is easy.  Just go to Google and start typing.  There are millions out there.  The difficult part is sifting your way through the noise to find the system that works best for you.  If you are easily adaptable, this may not be too hard.  If you are a particular person, finding the perfect system can be much harder, if not impossible.  To help you dig through some of that noise, here are some of the systems I’ve used and adapted to my own:

  1. The 3+2 Rule System
  2. Buller Journal 
  3. The Best Self Journal
  4. The Full Focus Planner

For more information on organized productivity systems and how to adapt and create your own.  Check out our Podcast episode on this topic.  You can listen on iTunes or Spotify by searching “The Stronger Revolution.”  Or, listen here.