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The Stronger Revolution – Staying Present

By December 21, 2019No Comments

All too often, we find ourselves reflecting too much on past events, or trying to plan far into the future.  The result is that we are missing what is happening in the present.  We are not staying present here, right now, today.  This is a potential misinterpretation of the Stronger Revolution Philosophy.  When we are trying to grown through the aggregation of marginal gains, we need to focus, plan, and track our goals.  This does require future plans.  However, we cannot become so focused on the accomplishment of that goal that we miss all that we can learn from the day-to-day struggle of achieving that goal.  Accomplishing the goal is not where we grow and develop.  In the next episode, we will talk about how we grow through overcoming adversity.  But, for now, we need to stay focused on the process that is happening today.

There are different strategies we can employ to help us stay present.  One is to realize that we have no control over the future.  The ancient Stoics believed that we only really have control over what is in our mind.  Our thoughts and decisions are all we can control and it is wasteful to try to control anything else.  We can also take note that even when we try to predict or plan for the future, we are almost always wrong about how we think something will play out and we often fall off a strict path to our goals.  Thus, there is no reason to predict the future too much.  Finally, we can use things like journals and calendars to record future events.  This allows us to forget about what’s to come now knowing that when it is time to concern ourselves with a future event, we will be reminded at that time.

For more information on staying present and strategies to help you do so, check out this episode: