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TTB, Burpees, and HS Walk

By September 12, 2018One Comment

IndustrialAthletics – CrossFit

In case you missed it last week, the gymnastics movement for the month is Toes to Bar (or Hanging Leg Raises). We will be working on them each week. Hopefully, by the end of the month, you are able to do more reps in 1 unbroken set than you did at the beginning of the month.

TTB Practice

TTB Practice:
P1: 10 Around the World
P2: 10 Target Practice

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 15 Min:
30 TTB
30 Burpees
40ft Handstand Walk

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  • Scaling:

    Platinum: As written above

    AMRAP 15 Min:
    20 TTB
    20 Burpees
    3 Wall Walks

    AMRAP 15 Min:
    20 HLR
    20 Burpees
    7 Box Walks

    AMRAP 15 Min:
    20 HLR
    15 Burpees
    1 Bear Crawl